This week we visited the issue on cyber bullying. It was really good to focus on this as it is a real issue with a technological society. We hear so much about it in the media, but we don’t really hear about the things that are being done to help combat it.

Cyber bullying is something that affects us all, and as a preservice teacher is is reassuring for me there is policy and procedures in places in schools to help with this. Policy’s are there to protect us all, as is the requirements to be responsible users of technology and if we all follow the rules, then it is a safe and educational environment for all. I am also so happy to see that many schools also have things in place if you witness bullying. It is not just about it it is you being targeted, it is also about supporting others. 

I am glad we did this training this week and I have the certificate to prove it! Image


2 thoughts on “connect.ed

  1. G’day Michelle, Cyber safety is important. I hope you’re also thinking about the positive side of digital citizenship. The extra capability that digital tools provide you and your students to contribute to society. This is something the learning path doesn’t do a good enough job of promoting. David.

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